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Habanos Point


The “Habanos Point” seal guarantees that we are specialists in this designation of origin. We have the finest selection of Habanos cigars in our cigar humidor. Just ask us and we can advise you.

When we talk about cigars, we are talking about artisanship, tradition and quality. Each premium cigar is handmade and handcrafted, creating a unique, sophisticated and select product for the most demanding palates.


Denomination of origin

at Portalondo you will find a wide selection of cigars,

from the most exclusive and prestigious cigars on the market for the most special occasions, to more common varieties for everyday consumption.

We are specialists in cigars and have a climate-controlled cigar humidor with a selection of the best brands and regions on the market, classified according to their strength.




Optimum conservation conditions

Our humidor, thanks to its constant temperature of 18ºC and 70% humidity,

creates the best conditions for storing cigars and allows them to maintain their original aromas and properties to perfection.

In our selection we have the best cigars from Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Canary Islands, Ecuador and more. Both normal and limited series, in a wide variety of prices and formats.


We also have a selection of accessories for the best quality cigars.

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