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Family tradition


More than 100 years of history

Our tobacco shop forms part of a long family tradition. Passed down from parents to children for generations, we have been in the heart of Hernani for over 100 years.

This tradition began with Manuel Zubillaga, who bought the tobacconist in 1918. He, together with the help of his wife Isabel Echeberria and their children, sold very different products to those we sell today: seeds, pellets, dynamite, salt and other products, as well as tobacco, of course.

Their only son, Nicolás, died in 1936 and ownership was transferred to his widow, Carmen. In 1952, it passed down to one of Manuel’s daughters, Angelita.

She ran it until 1972, with the help of her husband Sandalio Landaribar and their children. That was the year she handed it over to her daughter Arantxa, the current owner. Together with her husband Kepa Urdampilleta and their son, she has run the tobacconist’s shop for the last 50 years.

Arantxa and Kepa will hand over the running of the business in the future to their son Yon, who will be the fourth generation of the family to run the business.

Histograma estanco Portalodo en Inglés
Miembros del equipo Portalondo


Since 1918

In the heart of Hernani and Hernani in our heart

During all these years, Hernani and its inhabitants have been fundamental in our tobacconist’s shop, as without them none of this would have been possible. In 2018, they paid tribute to us for our 100 years of service, on a day that filled us with emotion due to the affection and warmth of our people.

Hernani, thank you for everything! Here’s to a hundred years and many more with you.



Portalondo House

Our tobacconist is located on the ground floor of one of the most emblematic buildings in Hernani: a Gothic-Renaissance tower-house named Portalondo, the origin of which is unclear, but which probably ceased to be a fortress in the second half of the 15th century.

In medieval times, the town centre had a long wall made up of five gates that protected the town, and one of them, the West gate, may have been where great tower-house was located. This explains its name, Portalondo (which means “next to the gate” in Basque).

As a curious fact, if you come to visit us, on our facades you will find mullioned windows topped with pointed arches, and three arrow slits from that time. In addition, the walls are 120 cm thick.


A historical yearbook

This is the 1919 yearbook where, more than a century ago, our tobacconist appeared for the first time in the Hernani section.

Anuario General de España Bailly-Bailliere y Riera Reunidos, (1912-1978). Digital newspaper library. (undated). National Library of Spain.
Anuario Portalondo

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